Friday, January 13, 2012

January - Back to the Routine. Does it make you weary?

The last couple of months have been filled with distractions - something new and different going on all the time.

Now we're back to the January routine. For some it feels good. For others it feels like drudgery. They're back to dreading Monday morning. Often it's office workers who experience this sense of mental exhaustion - primarily because of a one-sided lifestyle.

If you're one whose mental energies are depleted from too much routine mental work, Bach Flower Essences can help.

Hornbeam is the flower essence that can help you regain your mental zest and rediscover the way to alternate between mental and physical activity. It will help you reconnect with your higher self and listen to your own impulses to break with routine.

Interestingly, Hornbeam is also beneficial in treatment of drug addiction, in helping heal varicose veins, and in re-energizing tired house plants.

To learn more about Hornbeam, visit and if you're just not quite sure what's bothering you, come to FeelBach! and take our questionnaire.

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