Friday, January 06, 2012

Did You Resolve to Quit Smoking in 2012?

Bach Flower Essences can help!

Addiction to tobacco involves both body and emotions, and it's such a common struggle that FeelBach! created a blend just for those who are seeking to quit.

Those who smoke do have a physical addiction, but they also have a strong tie to the very act of smoking. It can be a nervous habit - something to do with their hands or something to do to fill up uncomfortable spaces of time. It can also be a part of a person's self-image.

Just as one might see themselves as a hard worker or a loving parent, some identify themselves as "a smoker."

Obviously, there are both financial and health reasons for quitting. So if you've decided that this is the year that you'll make the break, get over to FeelBach! and get a bottle of Quit Smoking."

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