Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is Your True Strength Hidden?

...You may be a Water Violet personality.

"Delicate but upright" is the description given to the water violet, and it fits those with a Water Violent personality.

Why should it surprise us that the power of Bach Flower Essences should reflect the strengths of the flowers from which they are derived?

The water violet's true strength lies hidden beneath the surface of the water in the form of leaves that lend strength and stability.

Translated to human behavior, the Water Violet personality exhibits strength and dignified superiority - choosing their own way without fanfare, and without outside influence.

These are the individuals who are calm in crisis - who can take charge with grace and dignity, and soothe others. Water Violets are decidedly not given to emotional outbursts, whether in negative or positive situation.

Because they are strong, people turn to them for help and advice, and too much of that can put the Water Violet personality into the negative state. This is when they begin to believe in their own superiority and "specialness" - and it causes them to withdraw even further.

But, since we humans do need each other, withdrawal creates a strain, which can lead to tension in the body, and illness.

Fortunately, the negative state is often short lived. The Water Violet person will come back into a positive state with Bach Flower Remedies treatment and a bit of rest.

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