Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 16 is National Stress Awareness Day

Are you one of the thousands of citizens who are muddling through every day stressed almost to the breaking point?

Today the news alone is enough to cause stress, even if we didn't have things popping up in our personal lives to add to the pressure.

Recognizing that you're in that state is the first step. Doing something about it comes next, and it IS important. Stress can take the joy out of life from an emotional standpoint, and it can harm your physical health as well.

So try these steps:
* Turn off the T.V. Unless there's something you can DO about radiation leaks in Japan, a missing child in a city 500 miles from you, or a plane crash, just don't listen. Focusing on the bad news will give you more stress.

* Get some exercise.
If nothing else, go for a walk.

* Meditate, or do deep-breathing exercises. You'd be amazed how much better you'll feel if you simply take a deep breath, sigh, and look up.

* Spend some quiet time with people you care about. Just making time to connect with those you love can help you de-stress.

* Put a bottle of Feel5ive in your pocket, and use it any time you start to feel tense.

Dr. Bach's original formula will help you get through all of life's stressful moments. From a confrontation with your boss to a dentist appointment, you'll face it more easily with the help of Feel5ive ahead of time. And if the stressful event has already happened, Feel5ive will help you get over it.

Remember, Feel5ive is safe for everyone from your infant to your elderly grand-parent - and even your dog or cat! It can be safely used even by those taking prescription medications, so don't hesitate to use its calming powers.

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