Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do Springtime Thunderstorms Cause Your Dog to Panic?

Lady was a big Shepherd-looking dog of unknown origin. She came into our lives when she invaded a friend’s house during a thunderstorm. She didn’t know them, but knew she intended to get in somewhere, so she went through the screen door.

She was OK during a storm as long as she could get into the house and under something. But one day we weren’t home when the storm hit. We returned to find every screen on every door and window shredded. Poor Lady!

Why do dogs do this?

Some are simply afraid of noise and want to get away from it and hide. Others seem to be affected by the static electricity in the air. These dogs instinctively want to “ground” themselves by seeking shelter in a bathtub or on a ceramic floor. Our dog Harry always hid behind the toilet during a storm. No attempts to comfort him were successful – while he was a dog who usually liked to cuddle, all he wanted during a storm was to be behind the toilet.

Change in barometric pressure can also affect dogs – these are the ones who try to get to “low ground” so they’ll try to hide in the basement.

The dogs who rule our house these days don’t seem affected by storms or by noise in general, but if they were, I’d be sure to have a bottle of “Thunderstorms” handy.

I only wish I’d had it when Lady and Harry were alive, because I know it would have eased their suffering.

Thunderstorms is specially formulated for this kind of fear and panic, but if a storm arrives before you have a bottle on hand, do give your dog a dose of Feel5ive.

Feel5ive is for use with all kinds of stress and anxiety - so if you're upset because the dog is upset, give yourself a dose as well!

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