Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Season is Officially Started!

Once the Thanksgiving Dinner dishes were done, the Christmas season had begun.

It can be a time of joy, happiness, and good-will - but it can also be a time when your nerves get frayed and your temper short, in spite of your best intentions.

Stores crowded with shoppers, heavy traffic in the parking lots, kids asking for every toy they've seen on TV, cats or dogs who pull the garland back OFF the tree every day, and the hurry-hurry to do every task you've set for yourself can really take a toll.

What to do? Keep your bottle of Feel5ive handy. Take a few drops morning, noon, and night - and in between if you need it. That will help keep you from stressing out. Once you're calm, instead of seeing the pushy shoppers, you'll see the joy on someone's face as they choose the perfect gift for a loved one.

Instead of screaming at the cat or dog, you'll move that garland to a different spot and stop to give your pet a moment of affection.

Instead of losing patience with the kids for wanting everything, you'll be able to sit down and explain that no one gets everything, so they need to really think about what they want most.

You might even regain your equilibrium enough to let the kids help you with that Christmas baking - and start a new family tradition.

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