Monday, November 09, 2009

Here Comes Holiday Stress Season!

Are you one who loves the holidays and looks forward to all the extra work, socializing, and activities? Or are you one who dreads the whole thing and wishes it could be over before it begins?

If you're dreading all this, there could be many reasons why. The first, of course, is just that your days are already filled to the brim and now you want to add more.

You actually WANT to do all the decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, and entertaining. And you actually want to write nice letters in each card you send. Then you want to go to all the parties, caroling, parades, and other holiday events.

It's all just too much, unless you have a way to put your other work on hold for a couple of months.

Now might be the perfect time to set aside an hour for yourself and think about it. Think about how many hours are required for each of the things you want to do, and then put them in your schedule. Or think about which activities are your favorites - put them in the schedule and decide not to do the others.

Think about which activities you do because YOU really want to do them, and which you do because you want to please or impress someone else.

Maybe the solution is to spread some of your activities out over more time. You could start addressing those cards and writing those letters this week. You could send them for Thanksgiving rather than Christmas or Hanuka. Or, you could schedule them to do in the week after Christmas. In fact, if you send them at an unusual time, it's more likely that your recipients will have time to enjoy reading them.

Meanwhile, if you begin getting stressed just thinking about all of it, take a lot of deep breaths and keep your bottle of Feel5ive handy. When you feel yourself becoming anxious, take a few drops and settle down.

Holiday stress has too many causes to address in one post, so watch here for more clues on how to make the most of this season - or get over to FeelBach!and fill out the questionnaire. Get your personal remedy now and you'll be ready to actually enjoy the holidays this time!

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