Thursday, August 06, 2009

Great News for Bach Flower Essence Users

FeelBach! has just made available the complete list of Bach Flower Essences with an explanation of what each is used for.

The new website tells how to recognize symptoms when a person is in need of a specific flower essence, so that those who do not have access to a Bach Flower practitioner can more easily determine which essences will help them the most.

Check out the Bach Flower Reference Guide today!

Be sure to bookmark the pages that apply to you, or take good notes. As I read all the pages I learned what to use in specific situations in my own life as well as how to treat some flowers I had transplanted into my garden.

They were not doing well, but with a little help from Feel5ive and Crab Apple, they're thriving. I guess it stands to reason that energies from healthy flowers might assist other flowers when they were in need. I just added a few drops of each to the watering can each day for about a week, and now I'm enjoying new blooms on healthy, happy plants.

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