Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pine personalities suffer if not treated

Do you know or love someone who is a Pine personality and needs help?

Years ago, before I knew that Bach Flower Essences could help such folks, I knew a young boy who was a Pine personality. You could not speak with him for more than a minute or two before he said "I'm sorry."

Most of the time, there was absolutely nothing to be sorry for, but he was sorry anyway. He was a bit of a mischief maker, so there were times when he needed to say these words. He was, after all, the 12-year old you could catch smoking out behind the barn. At the time, I thought his misbehavior was a way to get attention, and of course that could have been part of the problem. Pine personalities long for love and acceptance - and thus attention.

But most of the time he was a sweet and considerate little boy - the only thing he needed to be sorry for was irritating everyone by saying "I'm sorry!"

After researching and studying the Bach Flower Essences, I've learned that people in the severe Pine state do tend to apologize for their very existence. They don't seem to recognize that they deserve to live, and certainly not to live happily.

In extreme cases, the Pine person will even apologize for events that happened long before his or her birth.

Because they lack joy in life, the Pine person is often tired and is prone to illness. And he'll apologize for becoming ill.

If you have a child or another loved one who suffers from this energy imbalance, read the rest of the story about Pine, and then come back to FeelBach! and get him or her started on treatment. You'll be giving your loved one a valuable gift.

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