Friday, August 28, 2009

Conquer ADHD Naturally

ADHD can get in the way of a child's ability to learn, and prevent an adult from both social and financial success.

The pharmaceutical industry has "cures," but they involve ingesting dangerous drugs - possibly for a lifetime. In other words, they don't remove the problem, they merely mask the symptoms.

Because the problem is so widesprad, Feel Bach! has developed an Attention Deficit shelf blend to address ADHD and help sufferers re-balance their energies. Many are reporting success using this product alone, but there's even more you can do to help.

Transcendental Meditation is proving to be a benefit to children and parents alike. In a study done over a 3 month period, children were asked to sit still for 10 minutes at a time and concentrate on repeating just one word, over and over. They repeated this exercise 2 or 3 times per day, with impressive results. Teachers and parents both reported an increase in attention span and ability to focus.

Exercise can also benefit. Children especially enjoy the "Standing Figure 8" exercise, in which they are asked to use their whole bodies to swing their arms up and down and side to side in a laying down figure 8 pattern. This movement causes energies to cross over the midpoint of the body and thus helps with re-balancing. It also releases pent-up energies for a child who has trouble sitting still.

This exercise is beneficial for anyone working long and hard at a project that requires focus and concentration. When fatigue or distractions begin to cause a lack of progress, getting up to do this exercise can clear the mind and help you get back on track.

If there's no space for arm swinging, the figure 8 exercise can also be done in a sitting position. Hold your arms in front and palms together in a prayer position, thumbs up. Moving the arms as far to each side as possible, keep your eyes focused on your thumbs, so that your eyes as well as your arms are moving your energies back and forth across your body.

No discussion of ADHD would be complete without mentioning nutrition and allergies. By removing one food or food group at a time, you may discover that all that hyperactivity is merely a reaction to a substance the body doesn't like.

Do remember to include artificial sweeteners in your testing. They are now shown to produce a variety of harmful side-effects and ADHD could be one that just hasn't been proven yet.

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