Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Good Time for Feel5ive

Anxiety? Worry? Frustration?

All of the above when we look at the invasion going on in our neighborhood!

Yesterday my neighbor came over to get me to do an internet search for an answer, but I really didn't find one. We've been invaded by grasshoppers, and outside looks like something out of a bad movie. Alfred Hitchcock perhaps.

The air is filled with their flying bodies and the front porch is covered with bugs sunning themselves. The driveway is also alive - and when you walk through them they rise up, banging into your body, getting caught in your hair, and falling behind your eyeglasses or down your neck.

Of course, everyone is worried that they'll eat all the pasture grass and leave nothing for the cattle. My neighbor and I are both concerned that they'll eat our garden vegetables and our flowers. And none of us is happy about all the dead bodies in and around our homes...

I learned that they live for 6 weeks, but since they reproduce quickly, they could be here until first frost. We don't want to see that very soon, now that the tomatoes are just beginning to ripen!

So, another dose of Feel5ive - stay cool, enjoy everything else because there doesn't seem to be anything to do about the invasion.

(But I am spraying my garden with garlic oil to repel them.)

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