Friday, July 17, 2009

Does Your Child Suffer from Bed Wetting?

He or she may be suffering from a negative Cherry Plum state - which can be dangerous.

In this state, people feel ready to explode because they keep so many feelings pent up inside. They keep themselves under tight control, not letting on to the outside world the turmoil that resides within.

In adults, it can lead to violence when the "dam finally breaks." It also leads to depression, and an inability to stay focused and on track. In children, it can lead to bed wetting. These children exhibit extreme control when awake, and only during sleep do they "let go." Unfortunately, that release of inner anxieties often results in a wet bed.

Not only is the child embarrassed at home, he may deny himself many of the joys of childhood - such as camping trips and sleep-overs with friends. Bed-wetting is a problem no child wants his friends to know about.

The Bach Flower Essence, Cherry Plum, can free your child to share his worries and anxieties with you - and free both of you from the stress and embarrassment of bed wetting.

Visit Feel Bach! today and help your child get on the path to happiness.


Bed Wetting Remedies said...

Home Remedies for bed wetting includes consuming cranberry juice, cinnamon sticks and raisins. said...

Home remedies to stop Bed Wetting:
During the day, let the children hold the urine for a long time to encourage bladder control.
Plenty of fluid in-take during the day and small quantities at night.
Involve the child in daily activities like arranging bed, laundering the sheets etc.
Diapers should be used only till the age of four.
Get the child to empty the bladder before going to bed.

Will on Bedwetting Remedies said...

You are right, stress can definitely be a cause of bedwetting. Besides using stress reducing techniques, it is thought by many authorities that avoiding colas in the evening and keeping down lights in the room at night can be helpful. said...

A Wetting Bed Alarm is an excellent device especially if your child is a deep sleeper.

Susy "Weak Kidney" Lampson said...

There are causes of this, seeking to doctor is best to know what causes it. And then from there starts what is best for treatment.