Thursday, March 06, 2014

Taking my own advice - Feel5ive!

Most of the time my life is pretty calm and serene - but this week I am facing abject terror! 

Yes, I'm doing the thing I fear most - going to the dentist. I couldn't put it off any longer. When my darling little horse smacked me in the face with his head a few years back he cracked a couple of teeth that had been capped. And... two of them broke off.

So - it's either go around with holes in my face, or get a grip on fear and visit the dentist. 

Feel5ive is going with me - ahead of time. I'm going to start dosing a couple of days ahead of my appointment, just to get myself on an even keel and to prevent getting "all worked up" about it in advance. 

What kind of scary things are YOU facing? 

Whatever they are, Feel5ive will help you through them. Our flower essences won't make the problems go away, but they'll help you stay calm and collected, so you can get through that time without a melt-down.  

Feel5ive is an exact replica of Dr. Bach's original calmative formula. We even use Brandy, just as he did. (Our competitors use grape alcohol.)

When you're standing up to your fears - either by choice or by "no-choice" begin taking Feel5ive at least a few hours prior to the stress. Of course, if the stress is ongoing, you should take it 4 times per day. With this help, your mind will stop running away with you - making things even worse than they really are. You'll be able to focus and do whatever you need to do. 

What if you didn't anticipate the stress, but there it is?

Take a deep breath and dose of Feel5ive. You'll feel better soon.

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