Thursday, January 24, 2013

Monsters in the Closet - and Other Terrors

Does your child fear the "Monsters in the closet?" Maybe they're under the bed instead, or maybe he or she wakes up screaming from a bad dream and can't calm down and go back to sleep.

With all the talk today about the school shootings, it would not be surprising to see previously "fearless" children thinking that there might be a monster – or a madman – around any corner. 
They may even fear going to school.

Turning off the TV might be a good first step in stopping the nightmares. Even small children
absorb all that horrible news. And today, even some "children's shows" are filled with violence and fear-inducing images.  You have to wonder what those producers are thinking – or if they are.

It would also help to stop talking about fearful subjects when the kids are listening. They can pick up on your conversations and translate them into imaginary terrors even more horrifying than the events taking place in the world. If you yourself are fearful, they will of course pick that up. Kids are "tuned in" far more than the average adult. 

At the same time, if the kids have questions and want to talk about it, do talk with them. 

At Christmastime, Michelle Malkin wrote a good article on protecting kids. You might want to read it and implement some of its suggestions, so you yourself can feel safer and convey that feeling to your children. 

Meanwhile, a bottle of
Rock Rose on the bedside table could let you all get some restful sleep. This is Dr. Bach's essence of courage - the one that helps banish terror.

Sleeping pills are not a good idea for children - and along with other harmful side effects, could actually cause greater nightmares. So if you or your child is suffering from nightmares, get a bottle of Rock Rose.

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