Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fear – Allowing it to rule can be hazardous to your happiness

Fear, when not challenged, can rule your life. 

The more you give in to it, the stronger it grows. Eventually, you stop going places and doing things because you're afraid. 

Fear is usually not rational, but usually does have some basis in past experience. For instance, I knew a woman who was afraid to drive a car because she had once been in an accident when she was driving. Never mind that she was stopped at a light when someone crashed into her. 

Another woman is terrified of dogs because she was bitten as a child. 

Many are terrified of flying, even though statistics show it to be safer than driving a car. 

I personally have to battle a fear of dentists because of several bad experiences as a child, and driving (or riding) on icy roads used to put my stomach in a knot. 

Whatever the fear, when it limits your activities and keeps you from doing the things you should do or want to do, it's time to fight back.

Feel Bach's Feel5ive can help you do just that. Feel5ive is Dr. Bach's original anti-stress, anti-fear blend, and it can get you through everything from being nervous before a job interview or your first meeting with your sweetheart's parents - to facing the fears that limit your life.

Personally, I think no household should be without it, because it comes in handy so often.

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