Friday, January 04, 2013

Missing the kids and feeling blue?

People make jokes about the "empty nest" but if you're the one missing your children, it doesn't feel very funny. 

If your kids are out on their own now, living in another city, you may be suffering from acute loneliness. And if they were home with you for the holidays and have now gone back to their "other life," it can be even harder to face their absence.

 If your "empty nest" blues are interfering with your enjoyment of life, it's time to banish those blues.
The first step is to consider the cause of your unhappiness.

Are you simply not happy about change of any kind? Perhaps you like the same predictable routine, and would keep everything the same indefinitely. Many do feel this way. Unfortunately, life is change.

Walnut is the one of Dr. Bach's Remedies that will help you let go of this attachment to sameness and move into the future. Dr. Bach called The Walnut Flower Remedy the “breaker of spells” because of its ability to untie our bonds with the past.

But change itself might not be what's bothering you. Perhaps it’s fear. Will your child be safe? Will he be happy? Will she be successful? When you can see your child every day you can offer your protection, but now… you're afraid for him or her because you're not there. 

RedChestnut is the Feel Bach Flower Remedy that can free you from this anxious state.

Follow the flower essence links above to read more about each, then visit Feel Bach! to order a blend made just for you.

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