Monday, January 10, 2011

If Working With Others is Painful...

If working with others is painful, you've probably tried to avoid it by taking jobs where you can work alone. You're probably greatly admired for being able to "handle it all" on your own. But, it doesn't get you many friends.

You might be content to remain solitary, even if lonely, but sometimes there is just no choice, you have to interact with clients, or with bosses and co-workers. And worse - sometimes you have to let them do some of the things that you could probably do better.

The Bach Flower Essence Water Violet can help you become more comfortable in situations where you must not only work with other people, but rely on them. In fact, after treatment you may learn that you enjoy letting someone else carry part of the load.

Go read about it. And if you think you'd be a bit happier if you allowed yourself to let go a little, begin treatment with Water Violet.

Bach Flower Essences can make a huge difference in your happiness quotient. So give them a try.

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