Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making the Same Mistakes, Over and Over?

Have you ever asked yourself "Why don't I learn?" after repeating the same mistake you've made several times in the past?

It might be work-related blunders or associating yourself with the wrong people again and again.

If you're looking for a life companion, you may sometimes feel that you're choosing Mr. or Ms. "wrong" over and over. And then you wonder why you didn't realize that you were attracted to the same traits that eventually made you part with the last companion.

The Bach Flower Essence to help you begin to learn from life's lessons is Chestnut Bud.

Chestnut Bud opens the lines of communication with your higher self, allowing you to identify the situations and learn from them. But just as importantly, it gives you the courage to cut the ties that bind you to your past mistakes.

In children, the Chestnut Bud state may be seen as an attention deficit, because they keep forgetting the same things over and over. They simply seem not to be paying attention to what they need to learn and do. Unfortunately, they may consequently be diagnosed with ADD and treated with harmful drugs.

If you're asking "Why don't I learn?" or if your child seems unable to pay attention and learn from mistakes, try Chestnut Bud. Bach Flower Essences are a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals, and could put you or your child into a state where you can learn from life and benefit from all your experiences.

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