Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is the Cause of Illness?

What is the cause of illness? Is it something we cannot escape in a world filled with stresses and toxins?

Dr.Edward Bach did not believe so. He believed that the source of illness or wellness lies within us, and that health “Depends on being in harmony with our souls.” That’s why the solutions offered by modern scientific medicine are so often temporary. The symptoms have been treated, but the cause has not been removed.

Dr. Bach wrote that to treat an illness – no matter what the ailment – the doctor should look first to the outlook on life of the person in distress.

Thus, in addition to the Bach Flower Essences, Dr. Bach promoted exercise, meditation, and study. He wrote that only by creating harmony between soul and mind could we free ourselves from disease.

And what do the flower essences have to do with it? If you study each of the flowers, you’ll notice that they have specific qualities of strength or fragility. And according to Dr. Bach, each carries specific information which can amplify our inner voices and assist us in regaining harmony. Our desire for harmony works with the flower essences to create the desired wellness in mind, spirit, or body.

Interestingly, books such as “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” bring much the same message. Doctor Bach said we must free ourselves from the "disease complex of fear" and put ourselves in harmony with our souls. “Law of Attraction” says we must put ourselves in vibrational harmony with our higher selves, and thereby with that which we desire. We must cease staying in harmony with that which we do not want.

Our natural condition is to live in health and abundance and joy, and when we stay in harmony with ourselves, we experience that natural condition. Bach Flower Essences can help us return to that harmony.

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