Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good News for Bach Flower Essences Users

The website has added a new feature! Now you can research the remedies you want and add them to your personal blend all in one place. Once you've made your choices you'll be taken back to FeelBach! to place your order.

All 38 Bach Flower Essences are listed there, along with an explanation of the conditions that each treats. You’ll see how to recognize a negative state and what to expect when you’ve achieved a positive state.

We are all supposed to be happy. And for the majority of the time, we can – as long as we stay in tune with our higher selves and keep our energies balanced.

Unfortunately, sometimes despite our best efforts, the events around us throw us out of balance.

Remember that life never stays the same. Different situations and people come and go, and they all have an effect on us. So what you need this year may be different from what you might need next year.

The important thing is to keep tabs on your feelings, and when you’re in any state you perceive as negative or imbalanced, take steps to fix it. Use the information at to choose a Bach Flower Remedy to bring your energies back into balance.

If you really aren't sure even after reading all the pages, you can still go to and use the questionnaire.

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