Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting the Courage to Advance at Work

Are you working hard, being a strong asset to your employer, and yet not advancing in terms of position and paycheck. Is this happening even when other, less talented co-workers advance?

Are you by chance doing some of the work that those co-workers are being recognized and rewarded for? Do you know you need to ask for a raise, but can't find the courage to do it?

Three different personality traits could be holding you back, and fortunately, Bach Flower Essences can help you re-align your energies and become free of them.

If you suffer from an inability to say no, turn to Centaury. Soon you'll be able to tell your co-workers that they'll have to pull their own weight.

If lack of self-confidence and shyness are keeping you from stepping up to claim responsibility for the good work you've done, or preventing you from asking for that raise, add Larch and Mimulus to your Bach Flower Essences formula.

Visit the Bach Flowers reference guide to learn more about each of these Bach Flowers. Then come back to FeelBach! to order your personal success formula!

To give yourself an extra boost and help the Bach Flower Remedies help you, work on changing your thoughts about that job. Put a picture firmly in your mind about how things will be when you get that raise or promotion. Picture yourself happily working at your new job, and basking in the approval and recognition you'll get from both your co-workers and your boss.

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