Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Is Jealousy Blocking Your Success?

Do you go to work and feel jealous or resentful of others in the workplace who seem to be "getting all the breaks?"

If so, it undoubtedly shows in your attitude, and is keeping you from advancement - and from getting those breaks yourself.

You may be perfectly justified in your feelings. It could be true that the boss has a "pet" who gets all the sales leads, or the easy assignments, or the praise. It could also be true that the person fueling your jealousy is actually working longer and harder in order to advance.

But either way, by allowing your feelings of jealousy or resentment to color your days, you're hurting yourself, in ways both personal and professional.

Most of us try to leave the "bad stuff" from work behind when we go home to enjoy our loved ones. But it isn't easy, and if the feelings are strong enough, it isn't even possible.

So there are two solutions:
1. Change jobs - which might not be so easy in this uncertain economic climate.
2. Change your own attitude - which really is easier than you think, if you're caught up in bad feelings right now.

Changing your attitude means looking at the situation from some different angle, and consciously looking for the good instead of the bad. Not easy, but Bach Flower Essences can help.

The Bach Flower Essence Holly will help you banish feelings of hate and jealousy, while Willow will relieve resentment. If your feelings have been building for so long that you know you're just a bit irrational about the situation, add Cherry Plum to your formula.

Go to the Bach Flower Reference Guide and read about these 3 Bach Flower Remedies. Then visit Feel Bach to order a personal formula that will help you rebalance your energies and allow you to find ways to enjoy that job.

You may have other issues - if so, use the questionnaire and let the experts at Feel Bach create your formula.

Life is meant to be joyful - so bring yourself back to that feeling by getting rid of the emotions and feelings that prevent your joy.

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