Thursday, March 26, 2009

Use Bach Flower Essences when life demands decisions

Are you being faced with too many decisions today? Many are. And for many of us it's difficult. Even while we know that making no choice really is making a choice, we're unable to make a conscious, deliberate move.

Remember back in school when girls used to be called "fickle" because they kept changing friends? They'd be "best friends" with one girl one week and another the next week. Then they'd do the same with boyfriends. When people talked about them they used the word "fickle" as a put-down and assumed that the girl in question was too self-centered to be loyal to anyone.

But that probably wasn't the case. The poor kid probably just couldn't make up her mind.

That's an emotional state that has more to do with lack of confidence than self-centeredness, but school kids don't look at underlying emotions. They only look at the outward actions.

Right now the state of the economy is forcing people to make tougher choices. And the decisions we're making are far more serious than who to hang out with after school.

In the financial area many need to choose which employment to seek or which new venture to follow to try to become self-employed. Those who would like to purchase a home need to decide if they should act right now or wait and see if prices and interest rates will fall even lower. People who wanted vacations have to decide if they should go forward, or cancel their plans because the economy is uncertain. Those involved in the stock market have to decide if they should buy, sell, or do nothing.

Those are hard decisions for people who have trouble even deciding which movie to see on a Saturday night or which shoes to wear with the blue dress.

If you find yourself paralyzed over making choices, let Bach Flower Remedies help you get over it. By rebalancing your energies, Bach flowers will help you release that paralysis and get moving.

Scleranthus is the Bach Flower Essence that helps people make day-to-day choices, and Wild Oat provides decision-making skills related to career and the kind of life you want to live.

You may have other issues that compound the problem, so read your FeelBach! brochure and identify the feelings that are holding you back. If you aren't quite sure what you need after reading the descriptions, fill out the questionnaire at FeelBach! and let the experts create a blend just for you.

The most important thing in getting the blend that will rebuild your emotional health is to be completely honest about your feelings.

If you don't have the FeelBach! brochure, go to the Feel Bach! website and read the on-site descriptions of the 38 flower essences and what they do.

Feel Good! Feel Bach!

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