Friday, March 20, 2009

More Timely Help: Wild Rose & Willow

Are you one of the thousands of Americans who has suffered financially from the economic crisis?

If so, you may be experiencing some emotions that can prevent you from going forward and making a new start.

Feelings of helplessness often keep talented individuals from moving forward - as in seeking a new job after a layoff, or in trying a good idea that would lead to self-employment income. Wild Rose can help you regain your direction and purpose - and move forward positively even when faced with huge obstacles.

Along with feelings of helplessness, bitterness, self-pity, and hatred are also common emotions for people who have been "downsized" through no fault of their own.

It's understandable. Right now, no one can blame downsized employees of major corporations for feeling resentment when they pick up the newspaper and read that the directors of those corporations have been handed millions as bonuses while they're wondering how to make the house payment. After all, how many jobs might have been saved with a couple million dollars?

But the fact is, resentment, bitterness, and all those other negative emotions won't solve the problem. The only way to move forward and regain a happy life is to put those emotions behind you and regain your positive outlook. Willow is the Bach Flower Remedy that will help you do just that.

When resentment is replaced with enjoyment and focus turns from what's wrong to what's right, more "right" things follow. In addition, individuals who exhibit a positive attitude are much more likely to find new employment faster. No one wants to be around a sourpuss, but everyone wants to be around a cheerful person. (Well, almost everyone. Some sourpuss people really can't stand cheerful people, but that's just a symptom of their own energy imbalance.)

If you're having a hard time dealing with the crisis, and if negative emotions are weighing you down, consider Willow and Wild Rose. But do read the Feel Bach! brochure to see if you need some other Bach Flower Essences as well.

For instance, if worry is causing you insomnia, you may need White Chestnut, and if you simply can't accept the changes that have occurred in your life, Walnut may be the answer.

If you don't yet have your Bach Flower Essences brochure from Feel Bach!, you can read about the 38 different flower essences on the website - and while you're there you can order your own brochure.

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