Thursday, October 12, 2017

Indecision can be crippling – FeelBach! Can help

Have you ever been in a spot where your inability to decide took the decision-making out of your hands? Are you in a spot where that might happen again?  Or - are you simply struggling, worrying, and being unable to get a good night's rest?

Life presents us with decisions from the time we get up until we go to bed at night. It starts with what
time we arise and goes on to what to wear and what to eat for breakfast.

Throughout the day we’re faced with deciding which task to tackle first, what to have for lunch, and what to eat for dinner. Then we have to decide what to do during the evening and when it’s time to end the day and go to bed. 

Those are the easy ones, but for some they’re as difficult as your decision about whether to confront a disruptive co-worker, change jobs, take night classes so you can move up to a better career, get married, or move to a different city. 

As you’ve no doubt learned through life, sometimes not being able to decide makes the decision for you.

  • Should you buy tickets to the concert? Too late – they’re sold out.
  • Should you take time off work to spend with a loved one when they’re in town for a few days? Too late – they’ve already gone home.
  • Should you choose to attend the prom with Joe or Nathan? Too late - they’ve both moved on. 

 Individuals in a severe negative Seleranthus state find themselves unable to make even the small decisions, such as what to wear to work. That, as you can imagine, is debilitating. It’s also irritating to those who share their lives. 

Whether you’re struggling with the severe state or can’t make up your mind about a large issue, Dr. Bach’s Seleranthus flower essence can help. Re-balancing your energies will put you back in touch with your inner self – who knows which decision you should make. 

So don’t suffer. Visit FeelBach! Today and get a bottle of Seleranthus on its way to you.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Finding the energy to rebuild

After a terrifying summer, many are in the position of rebuilding - starting over from scratch or trying to repair and rebuild what has been lost.

Between the hurricanes in the East, the wildfires in the West, flooding from heavy rains in various
locations, and the damage inflicted by rioting protestors and terrorists, it's been a season of fear and tension for far too many people.

And now, many are in a state of exhaustion while others live with the ongoing fear.

For many in the West, the fire danger has passed with the coming of snow and rain. A few are breathing sighs of relief, while those who lost homes and property are facing the aftermath.

Life goes on and we must go on, but sometimes finding the energy and strength is difficult.

Fortunately, while Dr. Bach's flower remedies can't replace what's been lost, they can help individuals deal with the emotional fall out.

Olive is the essence for those who feel emotionally, psychologically, or physically fatigued. Olive can help replenish physical vigor so whatever must be done can be done.

Sweet Chestnut provides a sense of hope and relieves feelings of despair, while Walnut helps us adapt to change. Mimulus will help those whose fear is ongoing.

The emotions you might feel when faced with any of these terrifying situations and their aftermath are both natural and understandable. But to move forward, you do need to re-balance and come to terms with what's going on in your life.

FeelBach! can't replace homes that have been lost, but our flower remedies CAN give you the emotional and physical energy and hope to get on with living your life.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Back to School – a time of anxiety and fear for many youngsters

When a child is entering Kindergarten or perhaps first grade, it’s natural to be a bit fearful. Will the teacher be nice – or mean. What about the other children? Will they like me or hate me? 

Then making the transition to Junior High or High School brings a new anxiety. Suddenly the child is
moved from “upper classman” to a lowly newbie. And they know that many of the older students won't let them forget it.

Then there are all those poor kids who have moved over the summer and are entering a new school where they don’t know one soul? Terrifying! 

All the parental reassurances in the world won’t stop some children from going into that first day – and even those first weeks of school without fear and apprehension. 

Dr. Bach’s Mimulus flower extract will help. 

Some flower essence practitioners believe that the Mimulus fears are akin to the fear of the newborn – coming from a safe womb into a harsh new world. And isn’t that much like what children experience when being thrust into a new environment where their protectors (parents) cannot follow.  
Mimulus helps regain the soul quality of courage, allowing the sufferer to bravely move forward.

Aspen is another of Dr. Bach’s essences that will aid a child at this time. Aspen relates more to vague fears and apprehension – as when a child is fearful but can’t say exactly why. 

Rock Rose is most helpful in situations where the child knows exactly why they are fearful. Perhaps they’ve been bullied or ridiculed – or even physically assaulted in school. Those fears border on terror and panic.

All of these remedies can be found in Feel Bach’s Feel5iveformula. This is one that many of us keep on hand to use in occasional stressful situations – a job interview, a trip to the dentist, or a first meeting with a sweetheart’s family. 

Click the links and read more about each of these remedies, then choose what’s right for your child. Start treatment a few days before school starts, so he or she can begin building inner defenses against that crippling fear.