Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Too much love can harm your loved ones

Can there be too much love? Yes, when that love translates into excessive worry and concern for those you love. 

You’ve no doubt heard the term “Smother Love.” This is a state in which you love a child so much that you harm them in an effort to keep them safe. 

Have you known mothers who were so obsessed with protection that their children were not allowed to develop any resistance? No pets, no playing in the mud, no picking up a toy that another child dropped, and absolutely no eating a cookie that they dropped on the floor. These are often the children who develop allergies and catch every cold or flu bug that makes its way through their schools. 

They may also be children who are afraid to make new friends.

It’s not just mothers who over-love. Fathers might refuse to let a child play a sport or go to summer
camp because they might get hurt. They might refuse to let a child learn to drive and they sit up at night waiting for a teen to get home.

These parents might say things such as “Go away to college? Absolutely not – there’s a good school right here where you can live at home.” 

Their constant refrain is “What if…” and the outcome they imagine is always negative. 

This is dangerous, for if they plant this thought in the hearts of their children, the children may also develop the “what if” thoughts, and the law of attraction can make those dire predictions come true. 

Children are not the only objects of “Smother love.” You may also know people who worry constantly about a sibling, a parent, a spouse, or a significant other. 

They try to clear the path for them, try to anticipate the dangers and protect them, and worry excessively when the other person is out of their sight. 

All of these people are suffering from worry, but the suffering doesn’t stop with them. The objects of their affection suffer as well, because they carry that love as a burden. The over-protectiveness and constant hovering can be stifling and emotionally damaging. It can stunt their growth as individuals because they try to stay in safe zones to keep the other person from worrying. 

Since emotional pain often translates into physical pain, all this misdirected love can cause a variety of symptoms, such as headaches, upset stomachs, and allergies. 

If you tend to love too much, you are suffering, and the object of your love is suffering. 

Dr. Bach’s Red Chestnut can help you relax and love appropriately. 

Not sure if this is the formula for you? Visit FeelBach! and take our questionnaire. Our experts will put together the right blend to help you enjoy life. 

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Planning to send your children to summer camp this year?

If your children are headed for summer camp for the first time, they may be happy, excited, and eager to go, but… also afraid. Likewise, if they’ve gone before but experienced conflict with another camper or a counselor, they may not be sure they want to go at all.

And… once there, even the most eager camper may experience homesickness.

To counteract fear and let them fully enjoy their new experiences, start them on Dr. Bach’s Mimulus flower essence several days before their departure, and send it with them to use while they're away. It will help to balance their energies and let them enjoy themselves.

This is also a good remedy to use when children are forced to attend a new school due to the family's relocation, or when they go off to boarding school or college. Mimulus will help your child overcome fear and anxiety and face new experiences with confidence.

If you expect your child to be homesick, use Honeysuckle. Along with effectively counteracting homesickness, treatment with this flower essence results in an ability to learn from the past, integrate its lessons into the present for use in the present and future, and to cherish good memories while releasing the negative feelings of poor ones.

If your child is insecure or worried that they might not be as athletic as the other campers, add Centaury, or fill out the Feel Bach! questionnaire and let our experts create a blend made especially for him or her.
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Monday, March 19, 2018

How Feel Bach can help you with marketing your business

If you have a small business, marketing is one of your most important tasks. It's also the one that might give you the most headaches.

Everywhere you turn, there's someone giving you advice - usually to use whatever product or advertising venue they're selling.

Today I was discussing marketing with real estate agents, and the discussion came around to the need for consistency. Many things work to help agents build their businesses: Direct mail, email drip marketing, social media postings, YouTube videos, networking, and on and on.

All an agent has to do is choose one method and be consistent. But... many do not. They try
something for a week or a month and if they don't get instant results, they move on to something else. It's a never-ending cycle of trying (and spending), quitting, and trying (and spending) again. They experience life on a roller coaster.

Other small businesses do the same.

Why? Because the business people are unable to make a decision and stick to it long enough to get results. They just never feel sure that they've made the right choice.

Fortunately, Dr. Bach came up with a flower essence to alleviate that problem. Scleranthus will help re-balance energies so the person can weigh the options, make a decision, and stick to it. That doesn't mean every decision will be correct, but it does mean they can try something long enough to know whether it will produce results.

Those who are simply too insecure to make any decision, let alone stick with it, can get help from Cerato. This flower essence helps the individual who doesn't feel confident listening to his or her own instincts. They seek advice from others - and often those "others" have an ulterior motive in recommending a marketing course of action. 

If you're in real estate and experiencing a roller-coaster income, you may need Scleranthus and Cerato to help you settle down and start marketing effectively.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Were you lonely on Valentine's Day?

Were you lonely on Valentine’s Day?

If so, it could be that in spite of your longing, you have your heart locked up. You are simply not letting love into your life. 

Emotional imbalances could be setting up barriers between you and the relationship you wish for.
You could be feeling inferior – as if you weren’t deserving of a sweetheart. Your friends or even a counselor could talk to you all day about your worth. They could give you exercises to build that self-worth. But as long as your energies are imbalanced, you’ll have a hard time accepting that yes, you ARE worth loving. 

Centuary and Gentian can both help you banish those feelings of inferiority. They can help you gain the confidence to speak to that person who interests you. It can give you the courage to perhaps flirt a little and let them know that you’re interested. It can give you the nerve to suggest meeting for coffee – or to say yes when they make the suggestion. 

Perhaps you’re simply unable to give up enough control to allow someone else into your life. You don’t want to "let go of the reins" and allow yourself to give in to your loving feelings. Somewhere along the line, you decided that it was safest to stifle your emotions – saving you from hurt. 

Thus, you present an aloof, detached front – discouraging others from approaching you in either love or friendship. And, since you don’t wish to show any behavior that you yourself view as “weak,” you don’t approach others. The result – you’re left feeling in control, but alone. 

Cherry Plum will help to rebalance your energies and allow you to let go and take the risk.
The reasons for being alone are many, and most of them are rooted in our own emotions. 

So visit FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire. It will give you insight into yourself and you'll come away with the perfect formula to get your emotional life back on track.

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