Thursday, April 10, 2014

If Guilt Has "Got You" Let it Go - with Pine

Last week we talked about White Chestnut, and how it can help you stop your mind from going over and over and over events that have happened - and worries about events that could happen.

If guilt is the reason why your thoughts won't let go, add Pine to your formula.

Everyone has made mistakes, but some of us can't seem to let go of them and move on. Sometimes it's our own mistakes that hang on - sometimes it's an inability to forgive and forget someone else's mistakes.

People who suffer from a chronic negative Pine state even feel guilty for mistakes other people make - and for events that aren't actually mistakes at all. They just feel guilty from morning to night - often for no good reason.

If you know someone in this state, you've probably noticed that they say "I'm sorry dozens of times each day."

Hanging on to all that guilt is detrimental to health and happiness - both for the sufferer and for the people who care about him or her. 

So if you're the one suffering, put a stop to it. Get the essence Pine from FeelBach! and feel good soon.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Stop the Swirling Thoughts With Dr. Bach's White Chestnut

All who study the Law of Attraction know that in order to make things better in your life, you have to turn your thoughts to what you want and stop thinking about what you don't want.

You have to stop replaying past mistakes, hurts, and disappointments. You have to stop worrying
about things that already happened, and things that could happen, but might never happen. 

But, when a person is in a negative White Chestnut state, stopping those thoughts can be almost impossible.

This could be a chronic condition, in which case it could be causing chronic frontal headaches.

Or, it can merely wreck a few days out of your life now and then. It could be the result of an encounter when you wish you'd said something or done something differently.

It could happen if you (or your child) have been unfairly accused. 

Whether chronic or temporary, it's better to get out of the negative state as quickly as possible. 

If you're in this state, treatment with White Chestnut can bring your energies back into alignment and allow you to begin using the Law of Attraction for your benefit instead of your detriment.

White Chestnut will allow you to sleep better and to function better in the daytime. It helps to settle your thinking and allows you to resolve your issues rather than wasting time and energy worrying about them.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why are so many children being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD?

Why are so many children being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD?

Is it because more children are suffering with it, or because adults have less patience with kids being kids? Expecting kids to sit still all day in school, then come home and sit still is as unrealistic as me expecting my 5 month old puppy to lay quietly by my feet like a 10 year old dog.

Is it because of modern eating habits? The chemicals used for preservatives and flavor enhancements in pre-packaged prepared foods can't be good for any of us. And the way some children react to an overdose of sugar is apparent to even a casual observer. 

But is food the only reason why there seems to be an epidemic of ADHD?

Perhaps it has a lot to do with kids not getting outside to run and play – and not being expected to help with the work. They simply have a reserve of physical energy that needs an outlet. 

Perhaps it has to do with the over-stimulation of television and video games. Maybe it has something to do with both mom and dad needing to work outside the home, so they're both tired and stressed at the end of the day.

As with all things, the answer probably lies in a combination of things, but it's safe to assume that emotions play a large part in the ADHD epidemic.

If that were not so, Dr. Bach's Flower essences  wouldn't have a positive effect. And they do have a positive effect. Feel Bach's
Attention Deficit blend has helped both children and adults settle down and concentrate.

And it's not just for those who have been diagnosed.

The Attention Deficit blend is also helpful when life's events suddenly become overwhelming - so that your mind flits from one thing to another, preventing you from focusing long enough to get anything accomplished.

I think we've all been in that state once or twice - when there are just so many things going on around us, and so many tasks we need to perform, and so many people wanting our attention that we just "short out."

That's the time to reach for the
Attention Deficit blend and find relief.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shed the Worry – Don't Let World Events Make You Sick

Every time you turn on the TV, check your email, or read a newspaper there's more bad news.

From the decisions being made in Washington D.C. to events around the world, there's worry over politics. And then there's crime, job losses, the escalating national debt – and it goes on and on. 

But can you change it by worrying? No. 

You can help change a few things at home by voting. You can help ease some suffering in your own community by becoming a volunteer. You can add to prosperity in the world by working, and teaching your children that work is a good and honorable pursuit. 

You can help protect yourself and your loved ones by using good sense. Follow a sensible diet, drive safely, avoid walking on dark streets, etc. 

But you can't change world events or save people from their own destructive behavior. All you can do by living in fear is make yourself sick – and make your loved ones miserable.

So stop taking the world on your shoulders. Let go of the fear of what might happen. 

Several of Dr. Bach's essences are here to help you.  

  • Aspen treats pathological worry. 
  • Cherry Plum dissipates fear and the sense of losing control. 
  • Mimulus treats all types of fears and instills courage. 
  • Gorse and SweetChestnut give us confidence to face life with hope and positive feelings. 
  • Mustard fights depression. 
  • Red Chestnut dissipates fear of illness. 

This is your life. Live it to the fullest by banishing the fears that tarnish your days.