Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is illness simply a fact of life - or preventable?

Is it possible to avoid illness?

With all the worries and stresses in the world and all the toxins in our air, our water, and our food, is it even possible to remain well?

Dr. Edward Bach believed it was entirely possible to remain well. So do those who consciously practice the Law of Attraction.

 Dr. Bach believed that health “Depends on being in harmony with our souls.” Thus, the source of wellness or illness lies within.

Law of Attraction practitioners believe that wellness is our natural state of being, but we disallow it by focusing on negatives. Genuine gratitude for all we have can be a path to wellness for those who embrace it.

If both approaches are correct, it explains why the solutions offered by modern scientific medicine are so often temporary. The symptoms have been treated, but the cause has not been removed.

Dr. Bach wrote that to treat an illness – no matter what the ailment – the doctor should look first to the outlook on life of the person in distress.
Thus, in addition to the Bach Flower Essences, Dr. Bach promoted exercise, meditation, and study. He wrote that only by creating harmony between soul and mind could we free ourselves from disease. And that, of course, is very close to beliefs in the Law of Attraction.

What do the flower essences have to do with it? If you study each of the flowers, you’ll notice that they have specific qualities of strength or fragility. And according to Dr. Bach, each carries specific information which can amplify our inner voices and assist us in regaining harmony. Our desire for harmony works with the flower essences to create the desired wellness in mind, spirit, or body.

Doctor Bach said we must free ourselves from the "disease complex of fear" and put ourselves in harmony with our souls.  The Law of Attraction says we must put ourselves in vibrational harmony with our higher selves, and thereby with that which we desire. We must cease staying in harmony with that which we do not want.

Our natural condition is to live in health and abundance and joy, and when we stay in harmony with ourselves, we experience that natural condition. Dr.Bach's Essences can help us return to that harmony.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Do You Want to Find Contentment and Appreciation in the New Year?

Do You Want to Find Contentment,  Appreciation, and even Joy in the New Year?

We always think of a new year as a time for new beginnings – a new fresh start at life. But if you've been harboring old grudges, it's not easy to do. Those unhappy feelings of bitterness, self-pity, and even hatred tend to linger, and due to the law of attraction, they keep growing.

Take charge of your feelings in 2016 by turning to Dr. Bach's flower essence, Willow.

Willow is the flower essence that allows us to replace negative feelings with enjoyment, and to appreciate the good things in our lives. It allows us to accept challenges as they arrive and to "roll with the punches" rather than letting them overwhelm us.  

If you want to go into the New Year with a positive outlook on life, choose Willow.

Dr. Bach's flower essences enhance our lives by helping us re-balance the energies that have gotten off-kilter. They help us reconnect with our inner beings – our higher selves – and to listen to those whisperings from a higher power.

Visit FeelBach! today and see how much better your life can be in 2016. 

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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

If the holiday season gives you more stress and sadness than joy, let Dr. Bach help!

While some people love the holiday season and enjoy every moment, others find it a season of nonstop stress.

For some it's simply the fact that there is SO much to do. Between shopping and wrapping, decorating, cooking, and attending parties, they feel completely overwhelmed. Those who have children in school get an extra dose – with school events and parties for kids. And of course, those who can't say "no" do come under a lot of stress at this time of year.

For others it's the stress of feeling "judged." They worry about getting the right gifts, having their homes look exactly right, and wearing the correct clothes to parties. Those who host the holiday dinners spend weeks worrying about how the food will turn out.

Another source of stress is change. Perhaps you moved away from your family this year – or someone who has always been a part of your holidays has moved away. Perhaps the dinner that was always at Grandma's house will now be served at Aunt Tillie's. Perhaps the dinner you always cooked will now be prepared by your new daughter-in-law.

Did one of these scenarios just describe you? If so, help can soon be on the way.

Fortunately, Dr. Bach created flower essences to help you get through the season with a feeling of enjoyment rather than dread.

If you need to adjust your energies to enable yourself to say "no," turn to Centaury.  You'll soon feel back in control of your own time. 

The Feel5ive formula calms general stress – the kind that comes from simply having too many things to do. Take it 4 times each day during the season and stay calm and worry free. Maybe everything won't be done – or won't be done perfectly. You won't let it bother you.

If your insecurities cause you to feel inadequate – and feel that others are judging you for your shortcomings – turn to Centaury, Gentian, and Larch. If your biggest critic is YOU, because you set impossible standards for yourself, choose Rock Water.

If change is getting you down, use Walnut. This is the essence that helps us make transitions more easily.

If you dread the holidays but aren't quite sure why, come to FeelBach! and take the questionnaire. Our experts will soon choose the flower essence formula that will put you on the road to enjoying this season.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

If Your Child Suffers From Bedwetting ...

Parents of children who suffer from bedwetting often say they've tried everything from punishment, to rewards, to medication – all without results.

It's hard on the parents, but that poor child is really suffering, because he or she can't control the problem short of staying away 24 hours a day.

The solution could be simple. He or she may be suffering from a negative Cherry Plum state.

In the negative Cherry Plum state, people feel ready to explode because they keep so many feelings pent up inside. They keep themselves under tight control, not letting on to the outside world the turmoil that resides within. This state can lead to violence when "the dam finally breaks."

In adults, it often leads to depression and an inability to work efficiently. In children, it can lead to bed wetting, because sleep is the only time they're able to release their anxieties. Unfortunately, that release of inner anxieties often results in a wet bed. The problem is compounded because a bed-wetting child will often deny himself or herself many of the joys of childhood – such as camping trips and sleep-overs with friends.

Dr. Bach's Flower Essence, CherryPlum, can free your child to share his worries and anxieties with you - and free both of you from the stress and embarrassment of bed wetting.

Feel Bach! today and help your child get on the path to happiness.