Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Announcing: The New Feel Bach Website

Feel Good. Feel Bach! 
When you come to Feel Bach this month, you'll notice a whole new look and layout. 

The new website and shopping cart platform are much more versatile and automatically adapts their format to any computer, tablet or mobile device to give you the best user experience.

We've transferred all profile data, including emails, passwords, addresses, and all personal formulas to the new site. However, if you'll need a copy of an old invoice - please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

While change is good, it does have its drawbacks. In this case, it means some of the old links will no longer work.

So if you can't get where you want to be with a link, just come to 
It's all still there - just under a different URL.  

Monday, January 02, 2017

Exhausted after the holidays? FeelBach can help!

While the holiday season can be filled with fun and joy, it can also be exhausting - especially for those of us who are responsible for selecting and wrapping gifts, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining.

We already have busy lives, so adding those additional chores can be overwhelming.

Even seeing family members that we haven't seen in months can be exhausting. We want to be on our best behavior and not cause any family rifts by saying the wrong thing, so we experience some added tension.

Oh, and did I mention tension? If one or more of your guests is the type to criticize your cooking, your house keeping, your decor, or your children, you've probably been holding in an explosion for the last couple of weeks. That in itself is exhausting.

Sometimes, as in my case, the result is a reduced resistance to illness. I've caught a darned cold, and I know it's from the strain of having to get everything done while still trying to keep up with my work. It's also from the frustration of trying to find a few quiet hours in which to work and being constantly interrupted.

That's why, this morning I got out my handy guide to Dr. Bach's flower essences and learned what to do. Olive is the flower essence to relieve feelings of exhaustion. 

Olive represents peace, regeneration, and restored balance - and those are exactly what I need right now. Are they what YOU need as well?

In the negative Olive state, you'll feel that you don't want to see or hear any more - you just want everyone to leave you alone and let you take a nice long nap, or sit quietly and do nothing.

Unfortunately, most of us can't indulge in that luxury, at least not for long, so it's best to get over it!

Staying in a negative Olive state can be physically harmful, as it leads to abnormal oxygen levels in the blood, reduced kidney function, and a toxic intestinal flora.

If you're feeling exhausted by life, and want to get over it quickly, come here to learn more about the Olive flower essence and order your own bottle.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

If Your Child is Having Trouble in School...

Your child may be having trouble in school for several reasons.

He (or she) may not understand the material and needs either a better teacher or a tutor. Or, the problem might be lack of focus and concentration.

Doctors are fond of diagnosing ADD or ADHD, and do like to prescribe medications which may or may not be good for your child. If you're like me, you're fearful of filling your child's body with chemicals that may do more harm than good.

Before you take such a drastic step, consider using Dr. Bach's flower essences to help your child get his or her energies back in balance. Feel Bach's Attention Deficit formula is designed to help your child (or you) focus and pay attention. It quiets the mind, so that your child's thoughts will quit bouncing around like a grasshopper.

Another situation that keeps a child from doing well in school is fear. He or she may be afraid of a bully - in which case you need to step in. Or, fear of failure could be causing the very failure he fears. Remember the Law of Attraction - it works for children as well as adults. Thinking "I'm going to flunk this test" could bring about that very result.

If this kind of fear is hampering your child's progress, you can do two things. First, reassure him or her that your love isn't contingent on grades. Second, focus on accomplishments, and get him thinking about and talking about the things he's done well. And finally, give him Feel5ive in the morning before school, again after school, and again at bedtime. After a week or so you may be able to reduce the dosage to once each morning before school, and eventually discontinue use except in extreme situations.

The flower essences in Feel5ive will help to re-balance energies and relieve that anxiety, so your child can be free to enjoy learning.

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Friday, November 04, 2016

Worrying about the election won't help - but it can hurt YOU

Worry is a debilitating emotion. It can dominate your thoughts until you're unable to function
properly in your home or work life. It can give you indigestion. It can affect your sleep. It can even lead to physical ailments.

Meanwhile, those who know the Law of Attraction will tell you that worrying about something will draw that something to you.

Perhaps your individual worry that the "wrong" candidate will be elected won't change the outcome, but if enough people worry together, it just might. The vibratory energy of thought is a powerful force.

So if you're worried - about the election or about anything else affecting your life, the thing to do is to cut it out.

Gain control of your mind and your thoughts - and when you begin to worry or obsess over something, "switch the channel." Think of something that pleases you.

Maybe that something is the smile on a loved one's face. Maybe it's a warm puppy. Maybe it's anticipation of a bubble bath. Whatever it is that will give your feelings an instant lift - switch to it.
If you're having trouble thinking of something when the worry has taken over - keep a written list of "good feeling thoughts" that you can refer to. Then do it. 

Meanwhile, get and use Dr. Bach's flower essences White Chestnut and Aspen. Both will help to re-balance your energies and allow you to once again gain control of your own thought processes.

When allowed, your higher self will guide you to better feeling thoughts and will stop you from obsessive worrying. When your energies are out of balance, you turn off those messages from the higher self and are left at the mercy of your own mental hyperactivity.

As for the election... Support your candidates and campaign for them by giving other people good reasons to do the same. Donate if you can do so without depriving your loved ones.

And then, go vote.