Monday, April 16, 2018

Planning to send your children to summer camp this year?

If your children are headed for summer camp for the first time, they may be happy, excited, and eager to go, but… also afraid. Likewise, if they’ve gone before but experienced conflict with another camper or a counselor, they may not be sure they want to go at all.

And… once there, even the most eager camper may experience homesickness.

To counteract fear and let them fully enjoy their new experiences, start them on Dr. Bach’s Mimulus flower essence several days before their departure, and send it with them to use while they're away. It will help to balance their energies and let them enjoy themselves.

This is also a good remedy to use when children are forced to attend a new school due to the family's relocation, or when they go off to boarding school or college. Mimulus will help your child overcome fear and anxiety and face new experiences with confidence.

If you expect your child to be homesick, use Honeysuckle. Along with effectively counteracting homesickness, treatment with this flower essence results in an ability to learn from the past, integrate its lessons into the present for use in the present and future, and to cherish good memories while releasing the negative feelings of poor ones.

If your child is insecure or worried that they might not be as athletic as the other campers, add Centaury, or fill out the Feel Bach! questionnaire and let our experts create a blend made especially for him or her.
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