Friday, January 12, 2018

Gain the courage to make a fresh start

Did you begin 2018 with a resolution to do something to better your life? 

Perhaps you want to start a new business – even if part-time. Perhaps you want to join new
organizations or end your association with people whose negativity brings you down. Perhaps you want to move to an entirely new community and start fresh with new acquaintances, activities, and friends.

But… you’re finding it difficult to make that leap into unfamiliar territory. It IS a bit scary!
Doctor Bach’s flower remedies can help. 

Gentian can help build your confidence and allow you to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Larch will also build your confidence. It is for people who don’t believe in their own abilities, even though they may be possessed with extraordinary abilities. Larch will remove your feelings of discouragement and low self-worth and fill you with a new sense of success and accomplishment.

Mimulus is the anti-fear flower essence. It may be just what you need to take that important first step toward accomplishing your dreams and goals. 

And, since change is inevitable, yet scary, when you undertake a new adventure, turn to Walnut. This flower essence will help you adjust and adapt to those changes. 

This IS a new year and a chance for a new beginning. Do it with confidence with some help from FeelBach! and Dr. Bach's formulas.  

We wish you success and a Happy New Year! 

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