Friday, November 04, 2016

Worrying about the election won't help - but it can hurt YOU

Worry is a debilitating emotion. It can dominate your thoughts until you're unable to function
properly in your home or work life. It can give you indigestion. It can affect your sleep. It can even lead to physical ailments.

Meanwhile, those who know the Law of Attraction will tell you that worrying about something will draw that something to you.

Perhaps your individual worry that the "wrong" candidate will be elected won't change the outcome, but if enough people worry together, it just might. The vibratory energy of thought is a powerful force.

So if you're worried - about the election or about anything else affecting your life, the thing to do is to cut it out.

Gain control of your mind and your thoughts - and when you begin to worry or obsess over something, "switch the channel." Think of something that pleases you.

Maybe that something is the smile on a loved one's face. Maybe it's a warm puppy. Maybe it's anticipation of a bubble bath. Whatever it is that will give your feelings an instant lift - switch to it.
If you're having trouble thinking of something when the worry has taken over - keep a written list of "good feeling thoughts" that you can refer to. Then do it. 

Meanwhile, get and use Dr. Bach's flower essences White Chestnut and Aspen. Both will help to re-balance your energies and allow you to once again gain control of your own thought processes.

When allowed, your higher self will guide you to better feeling thoughts and will stop you from obsessive worrying. When your energies are out of balance, you turn off those messages from the higher self and are left at the mercy of your own mental hyperactivity.

As for the election... Support your candidates and campaign for them by giving other people good reasons to do the same. Donate if you can do so without depriving your loved ones.

And then, go vote.

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