Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dealing with life in a state of fear - Feel5ive to the rescue


For many, the summer of 2016 is one of fear.

Many in the general population are fearful of attending a movie, going to a night club or restaurant, or even sending their children to school. Who knows where the next terror attack will occur?

For policemen and policewomen and their families, the fear factor is even more acute, especially for those living in cities where anti-police sentiments are riding highest.

This fear does call for some common sense precautions, of course. At the same time, when a person allows fear to override everything good in their lives, it's a prescription for disaster. Your fear can affect your family and friends and overshadow all the good things in your lives. It can also lead to physical health issues, which of course lead to even more fear, both for you and the people who love you.

If YOU are living in fear, let Dr. Bach's flower essences help you cope – so that you can still see the good and enjoy your life and your loved ones.

Feel5ive is the FeelBach! formula to use as an overall calmative. Containing both Rock Rose and Mimulus, it will help you tap into your inner spiritual strength and prevent your emotions from derailing your life.

Used for specific fearful events, such as a visit to the dentist, an airline flight, or an important job interview, it can also help smooth out your daily life when fear of the unknown threatens to paralyze you.

Four drops taken 3 times a day can keep you from letting fear take over your life.

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