Friday, February 19, 2016

Winter depression is no joke. Dr. Bach's essences can help.

February can be a depressing time, even for those not given to depression the rest of the year. It's a time in between the holiday season and Spring, when nothing interesting seems to be going on. 

And for those in the northern states, it can feel like the dark, grey days will never be replaced by

Humans need sunlight, and lack of it can cause the most cheerful person to feel gloomy. That's why some companies sell fixtures with special light bulbs to simulate sunlight.

For those who continually suffer from mild to severe depression, this season is even more trying.
Thankfully, Dr. Bach developed the flower essences Wild Rose and Gorse to lift us out of depression – whether it is seasonal or chronic.

Gorse is the remedy for those who still have some hope, but feel on the verge of giving up. Some use it to get past a temporary setback or a seasonal depression and don't need to continue once they're past the crisis.

Wild Rose is for those who feel like there's no use in trying. For some, use of Wild Rose must be ongoing, especially when they are trying to get at the root of the problem through psychotherapy or self-examination.

In both cases, the flower essences help to re-set the sufferer's energy flow and allow joy into his or her life.

In some cases, it's advisable for family members to use Wild Rose or Gorse along with the sufferer, because like the common cold, depression can be contagious. Prolonged exposure to a person who feels no joy or enthusiasm for life is not just boring and frustrating. It can bring others down – especially loved ones.  

If you're suffering from depression, you owe to both yourself and your loved ones to lift yourself out. Use the power of positive thought, use the Law of Attraction, use simulated sunlight, or use psychotherapy – and let Dr. Bach's Wild Rose and Gorse flower essences help you succeed.

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