Thursday, June 06, 2013

When You've Lost a Loved One, turn to Dr. Bach

Losing a loved one - be they human or a beloved pet - brings on a range of negative emotions that can simply be overwhelming.

Your emotions run from loneliness to rage, fear, depression, and helplessness. In addition, you have to deal with an unwanted change in your life.

It may feel like life is not worth living - and as if you'll never experience another happy moment. But still, you know you must cope. If not for yourself, for others who share your life.

Most of us are not allowed to withdraw - or to cry all day every day. We have to get on with our responsibilities, and those responsibilities include letting others enjoy life, even when we're desperately unhappy.

No remedy can bring back a loved one, and no remedy can make you forget them. But Dr. Bach's remedies can make it easier to get through the day - and to eventually see some sunshine coming back into your life.

If you're suffering from the loss of a loved one, visit FeelBach! and take the questionnaire. Really examine your own emotions as you answer the questions and answer as honestly and completely as you can. The result will be a formula that helps you work through the grief more easily, so you can think about and talk about your loved one with joy in remembrance.

Remember that the children in your life are probably experiencing emotions similar to yours, so help them fill out the children's questionnaire as well.

Those who love you want you to find peace - so do it for them.

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