Friday, March 01, 2013

When The Law of Attraction Brings What You Don't Want

The Law of Attraction is so simple - and yet so difficult for many to use to their benefit. 

You see, before you can attract what you want, you have to focus on what you want – rather than what you don't want. 

Sadly, it often happens that those who think they're focused on what they want are actually focused on the LACK of what they desire.

And that's understandable. After a lifetime of noticing that which you don't have - and even feeling jealous of others who do have what you wish for, it can feel almost impossible to create the state of mind that's necessary to attract good things.

This is especially true for the Willow personality - and absolutely impossible for anyone in a negative Willow state.

If not treated, a person in a negative Willow state will sink farther and farther into that self-pity, until the Willow state becomes chronic. By then he has no compassion or consideration for anyone outside of himself. The injustices in his life take center stage - and of course he feels like all of his misfortunes are someone else's fault.

It can be difficult to live with such a person, and it may be even more difficult to talk with them about treatment for this negative state.  They simply don't believe that life can be any better for them – and they resent you for mentioning anything good. That's why many simply walk away rather than continue trying to help.

If you find yourself unable to harness the Law of Attraction to attract what you want, or if you are simply spending too much time feeling jealous or resentful, you're not enjoying life as you should. So get the Flower Essence,
Willow, and get back in balance.

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