Thursday, March 07, 2013

Separation Anxiety – a Very Real Ailment

Who suffers from separation anxiety? 

Children, pets, and of course some adults. 

Think of the child who goes into a panic mode when left with a babysitter – or forced to go to school.
Think of the dog who destroys the house in an effort to get out and follow the person who left them alone. 

Child psychologists and dog trainers will tell you that one important step is to be very casual about leaving and coming back. Don't make a big deal about saying you won't be gone long or telling it to behave while you're away. And don't make a fuss over your homecoming.

That's good advice to demonstrate that your being away from them for a while is no big deal. But when your child can't stop crying or a panicked dog is clawing holes in your doors and walls to try to get to you, you need a little more help.

The problem is not trivial.

If your child is suffering from separation anxiety, (or if you are the one suffering) come to Feel Bach! and fill out the questionnaire to get a specialized flower essence formula. And if you are caring for a dog who panics when left alone, use
FeelBach!'s "Home Alone" remedy.

Then, of course, do as the experts suggest. Leave for only a few minutes at a time at first to give reassurance that yes, you WILL be coming back. Never call attention to the fact that you're leaving or returning.

Then gradually be gone for longer periods until that poor frightened child or canine realizes that he or she has not been abandoned forever.

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