Sunday, December 02, 2012

If You Dread Christmas…

This time of year some of us get into a holiday mood. We get involved with decorating, shopping, baking, and listening to favorite Christmas songs.

Others hate the season. 

If you're one of them, you really are missing out on enjoying a twelfth of your life, so take some time to figure out why, then order some flower remedies from Feel Bach! and start getting over it.

Is this a holdover from childhood? Maybe you didn't get the gifts you hoped for. Maybe something traumatic happened at Christmastime – like the death of a loved one or a break-up in the family.

Is it about money? Maybe you don't have enough to buy the gifts you'd like to give.

Is it insecurity? You're expected to entertain family or business acquaintances and think you won't measure up.

Is it seeing family members who always put you down?

Is it loneliness – because you've lost someone or because you've never found your soul mate?

Right now, before the season gets into full swing, come overto Feel Bach! and take the questionnaire. Then let our experts mix the blend that will help you begin to enjoy the Christmas season.

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