Friday, June 29, 2012

Give Your Bach Flower Remedies Some Assistance

All of us who use Bach Flower Remedies know the good they can do working alone. But it can't help to give them a little assistance.


By using your body. 

Human bodies weren't meant to sit still for hour after hour after hour. But that's just what many of us force them to do. We sit at a desk for 8 hours or more every day, often staring at a computer screen, while our bodies are crying out for movement. Then we go home exhausted and sit some more.

Instead of circulating, our energies become stagnant while our muscles grow weak.

So give your body a break and give your Bach Flower Remedies some help. Get up and get those energies circulating!

If you have a lunch break, get outside and go for a brisk walk. Even ten minutes will help you become energized. If the weather or the location of your work prohibits that, then do this simple 2 minute exercise 2 or 3 times during the day:

Stand where you have 3 feet or so of space on either side of you. Let your arms hang down at your sides. Then begin swinging them (both arms together) from side to side. Turn your head as you swing to follow your arms. This will loosen those tight neck and shoulder muscles, while it causes your energy to cross over both sides of your body.

When you get home, instead of sitting down, turn on some music and dance! Even moving around the room to one song will re-charge your energy and lift your spirits. Slow music is good - but a fast beat is even better, especially if you've had a depressing day.

Then, when the week-end rolls around, instead of going out to a concert or a movie, go dancing!

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