Monday, June 04, 2012

Avoid the summertime frazzle - keep your patience with Impatiens

The kids will soon be out of school - and after the first week, all that freedom they longed for may become boring. So, what do kids do when they're bored? They whine, and they squabble with each other!

That can turn the most patient and loving parent into a jumble of ragged nerves - apt to explode at any time. And no parent wants to yell at the kids. It just happens sometimes when the pressure gets to be "too much" and patience flies out the window.

The good news is, Bach Flower Essences has a remedy. The Bach flower "Impatiens" is just the thing - for both the kids and the frazzled parent. A couple of drops under the tongue for each of you, and you'll soon find your nerves, and your patience, returning to normal.

As the name suggests, Impatiens is the essence of patience. It allows you to take a deep breath, slow down, and handle the situation without exploding.

Let yourself enjoy having the kids out of school... with a little help from Impatiens.

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