Wednesday, December 07, 2011

If You're Dreading the Holidays...

If you're dreading the holidays, it's time for a mental and emotional check-up - because you deserve to enjoy every day of your life.

Some experience dread because they love Christmas and/or Hanukkah but don't have time to really enjoy the festivities. They're too busy running from one thing to the next and trying to keep up with all the extra chores.

Those folks need to learn to say no to any activities that don't bring them joy.

The Bach Flower Essence Centaury can help them find the courage to do so.

Some dislike the holidays because their wants conflict with the wants of other family members. This is common with newlyweds who come from families with differing ways of celebrating the holidays. One common conflict is: "Do we open gifts on Christmas Eve or wait until Christmas morning?" The Bach Flower Remedy Beech can help put the understanding and acceptance back into the celebration.

We'll examine a few more causes next week. But meanwhile, if you dread the holidays for any reason at all, get over to FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire. Then order the blend that will help you put the "Merry" back into "Merry Christmas."

While you're there, be sure to order a bottle of Feel5ive - it will come in handy!

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