Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When Longing for the Past Prevents Present Happiness

The holidays often bring melancholy to those who long for "the way it used to be." No present celebration brings joy, because today's celebrations are not the same as yesterday's.

People are missing –through death, through divorce, or through children growing up and moving on. Sometimes it's good friends who have moved away and left a void.
Big noisy holiday dinners, with perhaps 20 friends and family members around the table, become a thing of the past. Cooking for only one or two is depressing rather than joyful, and the longing for how it used to be prevents finding new ways to make the holidays special.

Feeling nostalgia for happy times is natural and normal, but when those feelings destroy enjoyment of the "now," they need to be addressed. The sufferer needs to move forward, accept change, and find enjoyment in today while still retaining and cherishing good memories of the past.

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