Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Protect Your Pets This Halloween

Children may love Halloween, but it isn't the best time for pets.

They face two threats: One from strange people and noises, and the other from candy.

Please remember that chocolate can be deadly for dogs, so if you have children and they bring home a bag full of chocolate after Trick or Treat, be sure to get that chocolate up and away where the dogs can't tear into it after the kids are tucked in on Halloween night.

And as for the people and noises - start protecting them the day before by putting a few drops of Feel5ive in their water dishes.

Be sure to keep your dogs and cats indoors in the days leading up to Halloween. (Especially your black cats) When they need to go out, go out with them and bring them back in when you go in.

If your animals are prone to running out the door instead of away from it when strangers arrive, lock them away from the front door during those hours when children are coming around.

Our fun can be traumatic for our pets - so give them extra care as Halloween kicks off the holiday season.

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