Thursday, August 18, 2011

We've all experienced the negative Heather state...

But allowing ourselves to stay there can have a disastrous effect on relationships.

In this state, sufferers have a compulsive need to talk and be heard. Whether the news is good or bad, they want you to know it. Getting away from them is difficult, and in fact they may buttonhole you against a wall, because they'll move closer and closer as you attempt to back away.

You may know people who live their entire lives in this state – I certainly do. They not only talk too much and for too long, they tend to "invade your space," making their presence uncomfortable for you.

When you see them coming, you attempt to put a counter, a desk, a chair, or even another person between them and you.

In the negative Heather state, the person is entirely focused on themselves. It doesn't even occur to them to be interested in anyone else. Should you turn the conversation toward yourself or another person, they'll quickly find a way to relate anything you've said right back to themselves.

It's easy simply dislike them. But, thinking compassionately we need to recognize that they are extremely "needy."

The Heather personality in its positive state is an entirely different matter. These individuals are good listeners, filled with empathy for others, and more than willing to pitch in and work hard on group projects.

Don't worry if you fall into the negative state from time to time. It's natural following a traumatic event, an illness, or a financial setback. Just don't stay there. Instead, get the Bach Flower Essence Heather and begin to reconnect with your Higher Self.

If you're not sure what you need to get out of an uncomfortable emotional state, visit Feel Bach! and fill out the questionnaire. Our experts will help you.

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