Friday, May 19, 2017

Hatred hurts the hater, so let Holly help you get over it

Hatred hurts the hater, so let Holly help you get over it.

The past few months have seen nothing but strife and hatred running rampant across the country.
Why? Politics, of course. Except – we’ve never before seen anything quite like the strong emotions and irrational, destructive misbehavior we’re seeing every day on our television sets.

While a few cooler heads are saying “Let’s work together,” others are trying to stir up even more
hatred. That’s not good. Hatred always destroys the haters more than anyone else, because it depletes energy and moves them farther away from their inner voices.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to avoid. No matter which side of the political questions you’re on, it’s easy to feel enraged and hateful toward the other side. 

Dr. Bach’s flower essence Holly will help you release those feelings and get on with enjoying life – and perhaps feel good about working together to solve some of today’s problems. 

The Holly flower embodies love – the highest energy quality and the one having the greatest healing power. As much as we see hatred as a motivating force today, love is even stronger. The problem is that while every living being wants to give and receive love, when it is denied, it can turn into jealousy, revenge, hatred, envy, resentment, and malice. 

If you feel that the dissention in this political climate is pulling you away from the positive feelings of love and into the negative feelings of hate, turn to Holly to help you back into a state of grace. You’ll be happier for it – and I’ll guarantee that the people who love you or work with you will be happier as well. 

Those who want you to join them in forever railing against things won’t be happy – but perhaps you can introduce them to Holly and free them of hatred as well. 

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