Monday, February 20, 2017

Are your kids missing life’s simple lessons because of your impatience?

We all know that children need to learn the simple things of daily life – how to tie their shoes, how to make their bed, how to set the table or fill the dishwasher. They need to learn to bake cookies and cook a meal. And that’s just the beginning. 

Unfortunately, some parents’ impatience denies children this education. 

Parents find it easier to do it themselves than to teach the child, so they grow into adolescence and
adulthood with a stunted education. I once knew a girl who had to have her boyfriend sew on a button, simply because her Mother had never taken the time to teach her. Her cooking skills consisted of opening a can and heating the contents.

Parents who exhibit this behavior are Impatiens personalities living in the negative state. They’re quick-thinking people who prefer to work alone because they can’t stand waiting for less able co-workers to get things done. They really can’t comprehend why others can’t follow their fast train of thought. 

Doctor Bach’s flower essence Impatiens can bring them back into the positive state – where they still have active minds, but have some empathy and patience for those who move at a slower pace. They will still prefer to work alone, however and are far better off in non-managerial positions.
But what about daily life – we all become impatient now and then. 

If you work on a computer and are not “technically gifted,” you know the impatience of waiting for someone else to come and take care of those technical issues so you can get on with your work.
If you’ve ever made a phone call to a company with sixteen buttons to push before you’re put on hold, you know how it makes you want to scream with impatience. 

If you commute to work and have to sit in traffic jams for an hour or so of your day, you become understandably impatient. 

Impatiens can help those situations as well. It won’t make things go faster, but it will give you the patience to tolerate the wait without raising your blood pressure. Instead, you’ll calm down and think of useful ways to use that time. 

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