Monday, January 02, 2017

Exhausted after the holidays? FeelBach can help!

While the holiday season can be filled with fun and joy, it can also be exhausting - especially for those of us who are responsible for selecting and wrapping gifts, cooking, cleaning, and entertaining.

We already have busy lives, so adding those additional chores can be overwhelming.

Even seeing family members that we haven't seen in months can be exhausting. We want to be on our best behavior and not cause any family rifts by saying the wrong thing, so we experience some added tension.

Oh, and did I mention tension? If one or more of your guests is the type to criticize your cooking, your house keeping, your decor, or your children, you've probably been holding in an explosion for the last couple of weeks. That in itself is exhausting.

Sometimes, as in my case, the result is a reduced resistance to illness. I've caught a darned cold, and I know it's from the strain of having to get everything done while still trying to keep up with my work. It's also from the frustration of trying to find a few quiet hours in which to work and being constantly interrupted.

That's why, this morning I got out my handy guide to Dr. Bach's flower essences and learned what to do. Olive is the flower essence to relieve feelings of exhaustion. 

Olive represents peace, regeneration, and restored balance - and those are exactly what I need right now. Are they what YOU need as well?

In the negative Olive state, you'll feel that you don't want to see or hear any more - you just want everyone to leave you alone and let you take a nice long nap, or sit quietly and do nothing.

Unfortunately, most of us can't indulge in that luxury, at least not for long, so it's best to get over it!

Staying in a negative Olive state can be physically harmful, as it leads to abnormal oxygen levels in the blood, reduced kidney function, and a toxic intestinal flora.

If you're feeling exhausted by life, and want to get over it quickly, come here to learn more about the Olive flower essence and order your own bottle.

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