Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can You use Doctor Bach's Remedies if You're Sensitive to Alcohol?

When you read the history of Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies on the Feel Bach! site, you’ll see that the flower essences are preserved in spring water and Brandy. While other flower essence distributors use grape alcohol, we use the same formula that Dr. Bach perfected all those years ago.

The amount of brandy compared to the spring water is minuscule – 1 to 360 – or less than three tenths of one percent.

But still, although there is not enough alcohol to do harm to infants, the ill, or the elderly, you can taste the brandy in this formula. And I've talked with people who were afraid to purchase it for a loved one who suffers from alcoholism because the mere whiff of alcohol could set them off on a binge.

So if you’re sensitive to alcohol, or if you’re buying for someone who is, go to to build a personal formula. Then, in the last step, write “alcohol-free” in the comment area.

If you own the set of Bach Flower essences and are making a formula for someone, use only 2 drops of each essence in the 20 or 30 ml bottle, and fill with spring water – omitting the brandy entirely.

Without the preservative, you'll need new formula more often, but if alcohol sensitivity is a real problem, it will be worth it.

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