Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cure Summer Colds With Dr. Bach's Flower Essences?

Summer colds are always a puzzle - why now, when the weather is hot and we're no longer closed up in rooms with other people who are sneezing and blowing?

The answer could be simple.

According to the book, Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, colds are a result of mental confusion and disorder - too much going on at once and focusing on small hurts. Thus, the "busyness" of summer could be the source of summer colds. It's easy to feel small hurts when too many people are asking you to do too many things.

Parents of school-age children are under tremendous pressure to make sure the kids enjoy the summer, stay productive, and stay out of trouble. Depending upon your source of income, your work life may be busier than ever because it's summertime.

And who wants to miss out on summer? All of us want to have a little time to enjoy warm weather activities. But then there are those out of town visitors, and our business obligations, and what our families want and demand. 

Things can pile on so much that finding time for ourselves becomes another obligation rather than a pleasure.
The result – frustration, and possibly resentment of everyone who is making demands on our time.

I think a good cure for summer colds would be to use the questionnaire at Feel Bach! and start working on those emotional weak spots that summer brings into full play. 

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