Thursday, April 11, 2013

Does Modern Medical Science Have All the Answers?

Again today the TV screen was filled with warnings about another group of pharmaceutical drugs that have now been shown to cause horrific illness and even death. It's not a new story – the only thing that changes is the name of the drugs. 

I have nothing but respect and admiration for those men and women of science who find cures. But I have little regard for "doctors" who simply push another pill to alleviate a symptom when they should be looking for the cause of the problem. Even when those "symptom drugs" don't kill, they do nothing to effect a cure.

I had a neighbor who was a well-respected doctor – and who existed on a diet that no doubt led to the many medical problems that ended her life. 

Shouldn't a doctor know about nutrition? Shouldn't a doctor realize the value of antioxidants – to say nothing of vitamins and minerals? And shouldn't a doctor understand how emotions can affect energy and alter the entire body?

Most medical doctors I've known ignore nutrition and discount energy - the vital force that cannot be measured in their laboratories. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist - merely that they don't understand it and can't control it. 

If they recognize allergies they link them to respiratory or gastrointestinal ailments. The fact is, an allergy can make your knees hurt or your back ache! Not only that, an allergy can be emotional. 

And the great part is that contrary to what most modern doctors believe, allergies can be cured through methods like acupuncture and flower essence treatment.  People don't HAVE to live their entire lives on medication.

The fact is, some of us (even a few doctors) are tuned in to nature and the wonders she provides. Our first question when a problem pops up is "What caused this" and the second is "What in nature will cure it?" 

Others rely purely on medical science and pharmaceuticals, with all of their horrifying side effects.

We each have a choice, and my personal choice is nature. I use Dr. Bach's flower essences from Feel Bach! - and I feel good.

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