Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't Let Resentment Ruin Your Life

Resentment is a common emotion today – and so is jealousy. It's been that way for several years, as the economy worsened and people lost jobs and homes. 

Every day the news seems to bring some new outrage – a story of the CEO of a major bank being given a multi-million dollar bonus or a politician flying off to an exotic vacation - while the "common working folks" struggle to put gasoline in the car and food on the table.

And now, since Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast, resentment is running rampant. 

Those who don't yet have power are angry and resentful toward those whose power is back on – and they're angry at whoever decided which power lines would be repaired first.  The truth probably is that the workers started with what could be finished fastest to get the most people back in power – but those still without it don't want to hear that there's a good reason. 

Then there's the food. While thousands of meals have been handed out to storm victims, the volunteers can't be everywhere at once – so those who haven't been served are angry. They see it as a sign that they're being discriminated against.

Those who are suffering from these emotions are in a negative Willow state. For many of the hurricane victims, it's a temporary condition brought on by frustration.  And it's really a shame that they're experiencing this while there is so much to be thankful for.

If they'd look around and see the outpouring of care and love being freely given by volunteers, their lives would be enriched. 

Hopefully, the hurricane victims will get over it, because when resentment becomes a life habit or a personality trait, it effectively blocks the enjoyment of life. 

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