Tuesday, October 16, 2012

If the Teacher Says Your Child Won't Sit Still…

You'll probably be called in for a conference – and you may be advised to get your child on medication for Attention Deficit Disorder. But perhaps you should explore some other options before risking the side effects of prescription drugs. 

It can't be good to fill young, developing bodies with those toxins.

Many believe that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has to do with diet. Even those who cook from scratch are using ingredients that may be genetically modified. And those who rely on prepared foods are eating a lot of preservatives and additives that we didn't get 40 years ago.

And what about external stimulation? Kids are constantly bombarded by video games and TV. And then there's the pressure. Schools add greatly to that one, now that even pre-school has become competitive.

When you combine all those factors with parents who are stressed from working too many jobs,  dealing with long commutes, and worrying over the state of the economy, it's no wonder that kids get a little off balance.

Before you take the chance of using pharmaceutical drugs on your child, why not try a cure from nature: Bach Flower Essences.

The ADD problem is so common, that FeelBach! has even developed a "shelf product" specifically to realign the energies of children and adults who are suffering from it.

Since Bach Flower Remedies are safe for everyone from infants to nursing mothers to the elderly, you'll take no chance of doing harm while you're trying to do good. Flower essences cause no adverse side effects - and if your child is already on pharmaceuticals, they can be used in conjunction without fear of drug interactions.

Click here to order Feel Bach's Attention Deficit blend of flower essences.

And meanwhile, why not try to ease your own stresses. Take the Bach Flower Questionnaire, order your custom blend, and see how much better your children feel when you find life easier to cope with.

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