Friday, May 13, 2011

Can Bach Flower Essences Replace Pharmaceutical Treatment For ADD?

We aren't doctors and we would never tell anyone not to see a doctor if they felt they needed one.

At the same time, we're wary of using pharmaceutical drugs. Just listening to the list of possible side-effects on the drugs advertised on TV is enough to make us reach for a natural remedy in all but an emergency situation.

It's true that pharmaceuticals can cause an immediate response, and in many cases can save lives.

It's also true that very often, those drugs are merely a band-aid, alleviating symptoms without eliminating the cause of the dis-ease. Meanwhile, they're adding chemicals to the body and causing a host of unwanted reactions.

That's why, if I was suffering from ADD or ADHD, or if I had a child who suffered from them, I'd reach for Bach Flower Essences.

Even if I didn't believe the drugs were dangerous in the long term, I wouldn't want to endure the immediate "spaced out" feeling that many pharmaceutical users report. I'm sure children don't enjoy it either. How can we expect them to learn and do well in school when they're drugged?

Bach Flower Essences have NO negative side effects, and they're safe to use even if you're taking pharmaceuticals.

Bach Flowers work to re-balance energies and remove the cause of distress - not just mask the symptoms with a drug.

They allow the sufferer to reconnect his (or her) physical self with his higher, spiritual self. And that, of course, is the key to putting life back in balance.

Since the cause of ADD is a combination of imbalances, Feel Bach! has created a blend that's specially formulated to address each of them, all in one bottle.

It's called Attention Deficit. If you or a loved one suffer from ADD or ADHD, give it a try.

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