Friday, February 11, 2011

Are You Pulling Yourself in Too Many Directions?

Sometimes, it seems like life hands us too many responsibilities at once - or maybe we just take on too many responsibilities.

Either way, the pride we once felt in "multi-tasking" can turn into a burden that makes us feel like we're not only pulled in too many directions, we're being pulled apart at the seams.

Elm is the Bach Flower Essence that can help bring it all back into balance.

Elm helps nurture sound decision-making skills - allowing us to put things in their proper order, and eliminate tasks that really don't need to be our responsibility.

People in the negative Elm state tend to forget that our primary responsibility is to ourselves. As a result, we can get so busy taking care of everyone else that our own health and mental state suffer.

With a little help from Bach Flower Remedies, we CAN get organized again, pull our scattered pieces back together, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and allow ourselves to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

If you've fallen into a negative Elm state, visit today and learn more about the Flower Essence Elm. Then get started on taking your life back!

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